Watery Eyes

Detroit Watery Eyes Specialist – Dr. Weingarten

Eyes that water excessively may be a result, strangely enough, of dry eye syndrome. Usually, dry eye syndrome is associated with a lack of tear production, but it can also occur when the proper ingredients are not present in the tears. Without the necessary substances, tears cannot perform their function of keeping eyes moisturized, protected from infection, and at the right p-h balance. Irritation sets in. To compensate, the eyes keep producing greater and greater quantities of tears. The discomfort usually gets worse as the day goes on. However, there are other factors, which may cause watery eyes: for example, allergies, infection, or a small foreign body lodged in the eye. If your eyes are watering excessively, it’s best to get them checked by an ophthalmologist. He or she can determine the cause of watery eyes, and recommend the best form of treatment.

At Rochester Eye Care, patient comfort and satisfaction are the utmost priorities. This is why Dr. Weingarten and his team take the time to get to know all of their patients, perform complete eye exams and learn about their patients’ vision care concerns. They use this information to develop highly individualized treatment plans that consistently deliver rewarding results for all of their diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and presbyopia patients. In addition, Dr. Weingarten offers advanced forms of laser eye surgery, and he also specializes in helping cataracts patients restore clear vision.