Detroit / Rochester Presbyopia Treatment Specialist – Dr. Weingarten

Presbyopia is the term used for the diminished power of accommodation or focusing ability of the eye. The crystalline lens in the eye loses elasticity with age. This leads to a loss of ability of the lens to change from distance vision to near vision.

The symptoms usually first appear around the age of forty. It is at this time that our Detroit and Rochester presbyopia patients begin to notice that their vision is diminishing, and they need to hold tiny objects further away in order to see clearly. This is a normal aging change of the human eye.

Presbyopia can be easily corrected with the use of reading glasses, which usually first become necessary in the early forties. If a person is already wearing glasses, he or she may find that they need the increased power of bifocals for focusing on close objects and reading.

Detroit / Rochester Presbyopia

The symptoms of presbyopia are progressive with increasing age. By the age of fifty, most presbyopia Detroit patients are dependent on glasses for reading unless they are nearsighted, in which case they need glasses for distance but may be able to read without them.