Detached Retina

Rochester / Detroit Retinal Detached Expert – Dr. Mark Weingarten

The symptoms of a torn retina are similar to a detached retina. You may see flashes of light, floating dots, cobwebs, or a shadow across part of your visual field. If the tear or break in your retina is not mended, vitreous fluid can leak in from the eyeball, eventually causing retinal detachment. So it’s important to seek treatment right away.

Retinal tears are often repaired by cryotherapy, in which ultrasound material is used to freeze tissue, sealing the retina in place. Another technique involves the use of laser treatment. This method works by “welding” the retina to the back of the eye. Laser results in less scarring, and is thought to be gentler. Retinal detachments may require a more extensive intraoperative procedure to reattach the retina. If you are experiencing symptoms of a torn or detached retina, contact an ophthalmologist.

Retina image

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