Crossed Eye

Rochester / Detroit Strabismus Specialist – Dr. Mark Weingarten

Normally, your two eyes work together in a synchronized fashion. In order for this to happen, both eyes must have about the same vision and focusing ability. If there’s a misalignment, and the eyes do not look in the same direction together, the condition is known as strabismus. Most cases occur in children. Strabismus is divided into different categories, depending on which direction the eye strays. When one eye turns inward, this is called esotropia, or “crossed eyes.” When an eye turns outward it is called exotropia.

Cross Eyed Image

Many factors may cause strabismus; however, most children are simply born with the condition, or develop it early in life. If you see any sign of crossed eyes or other strabismus in your child, have them undergo a complete eye exam as soon as possible. The earlier treatment is started, the better the chance of restoring normal sight. Left untreated, the child could develop permanent visual problems, including “lazy eye,” and trouble with depth perception.