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Dr. Mark Weingarten is a highly accomplished Detroit and Rochester LASIK surgeon who has helped numerous individuals realize their dreams of clear vision without glasses. Dedicated to providing the best possible vision correction results for all patients, he uses a unique combination of advanced surgical skill, sophisticated technology and attentive care. This approach allows Dr. Weingarten to consistently deliver highly rewarding vision correction results. To learn more about Dr. Weingarten and LASIK in Detroit, please explore the patient testimonials listed below.

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ML: I liked the professional and friendly demeanor of Dr. Weingarten and his staff. I thought the seminars and pre-op education I received was excellent. I finally, after 3 consults, found a doctor I trusted. I am telling everyone about how thrilled I am with my results.

TA: Everything was great. I really liked the extended office hours which enables me to make my office visits as scheduled because my work schedule changes weekly. I would highly recommend LASIK, and I have!

DM: I liked the personal attention you give each person. I was pleased that I could see the next day and how clear my vision was, and the surgery was so painless. I would recommend Dr. Weingarten to anyone who was thinking of LASIK eye surgery in Detroit.

EA: The staff is great, they remember you by name. The experience will completely change your life and there is not one moment of regret.

GG: Everyone is very professional, friendly and makes you feel comfortable. I would tell people that the procedure is explained thoroughly and all questions are answered. Before, during and after the procedure the staff and doctor make you comfortable and explain everything that is happening. No need to be nervous.

DB: The experience is painless and simple. The recovery is short and you can see pretty clearly in a couple days. If you have been wearing glasses as long as I have, it is truly a great experience not to have to rely on glasses or contacts to see in most cases.

JT: I like the information I had gotten from the LASIK seminar, meeting the doctor and the fact that he had it done himself. No hassle or pressure. He just presented it and the rest is up to you. First I would refer them to one of the LASIK seminars. After hearing all the facts and meeting Dr. Weingarten they will already have made the decision. Also, that I would do it again in a minute.

DV: I feel special when I call to make an appointment and then when I get to the office I am greeted almost immediately with a friendly smile. I have told many people about my wonderful experience. It is a new lease on life for me. My whole experience was perfect. My eyesight is even better than I imagined. For me, my ability to drive at night improved. I was afraid to drive at night prior to my surgery.

JA: I felt follow up visits were thorough. Overall, it was a very positive experience. The doctor uses the latest, updated equipment. Everyone is very accommodating.

BM: Keep up the great work! I’d refer patients to you.

CN: I find it difficult to believe, but your staff knows me by name! The best thing I ever did for myself! I did not want to go to an assembly line surgery service. I wanted a doctor who would see me through the entire process and one who knows my eyes. The personalized service is great.

MH: Very professional staff. Dr. Weingarten was there at all times for questions or any concerns, even on weekends. You decided when you wanted the procedure, no pressure.

DK: Surgery was painless and recovery time was only 1-3 days.

JW: I liked the fact that when I had questions before and after the surgery I was able to talk to the doctor directly. They were professional and I would definitely trust them with my eyes.

JG: I can’t say anything bad about the service in any way, shape or form. First time I’ve ever seen a doctor on a Sunday. Everything is explained before it happens. It’s quick and painless. The staff really seems to care about you and not just their practice.

CP: Everyone has always been very friendly and helpful. The surgical staff made every effort to put me at ease before, during and after the procedure. I also appreciate that I have never spent more than a few minutes in the waiting room for any of my visits. I have been telling people that the procedure is completed very quickly and in my case painlessly. Recovery was also very quick, even quicker than I was lead to believe. Even though I wore corrective lenses for 34 years, it’s now as though I never needed them. I can’t wait to go snorkeling and not have to worry about contacts.

CN: Cheerful, courteous and very friendly office staff. Doctor explained procedure accurately and clearly. Professional and clean, yet casual. I appreciated the follow up care. This gave me confidence long after the actual surgery was done.

JW: Friendly, personable service in all aspects! I was very comfortable in your office and at the hospital. Dr. Weingarten was very patient. I felt like I knew a lot about the procedure before I went into it. I’m so glad I had it done. I love my perfect vision!

TP: The procedure was explained very well. I was made very comfortable before and during the procedure. If someone was a good candidate for the surgery, they could expect to be seeing very well very soon.

SM: All aspects of the experience were outstanding. Very friendly and professional. I knew exactly what to expect. There were no surprises.

AF: Always greeted politely with smiling faces. Made to feel like an important person. LASIK is a painless, wonderful procedure. Follow up care was thorough and done very patiently. Staff always available to answer questions.

CG: Having worn glasses and contact lenses since kindergarten, LASIK has given me freedom I thought I would never enjoy! The procedure was less painful than visiting the dentist’s office but very serious to everyone involved.

WM: The staff is very friendly. They answer all questions quickly and are very helpful in making me feel comfortable. The surgery staff is very in touch with the patient’s feelings and do everything to make the patient calm and ready for the surgery. It was a very quick surgery with very little discomfort. Dr. Weingarten is a very thorough surgeon and his staff is extremely friendly and helpful.

CT: I would and have recommended LASIK and your office.

SB: This surgery is a wonderful gift you can give. Dr. Weingarten is wonderful, a very caring man. I think the entire staff is nice! I would tell them about my experience, which was wonderful! And I would definitely recommend your office for the procedure.

KH: From my first appointment on, everyone was very friendly and helpful. Have told family and friends how much I felt very comfortable with the office. Have given a friend or two the number to call if they decide on this procedure. All options are given to you. If you don’t completely understand something it’s explained to you again. When I first came in I had every intention of having both eyes done. I’m very glad right now of having been given different options and only having one eye done.

LLR: Everyone was so pleasant and professional. This was the best thing I ever did. I had no pain and I was back at work on the line the very next day. Dr. Weingarten is a bit more expensive, but I didn’t bargain shop with my eyes. I was very impressed with him and his staff.

DG: I would tell others about the ease of this procedure.

PC: Easy access to information, no hard sell just information. Staff is friendly. When I called three days after surgery with some concerns, I was fit right in to see Dr. Weingarten who checked everything.

SR: Your service was outstanding! Your staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I was very pleased and impressed with your service. Top of the line equipment and very clean! I have had terrific results from the services performed. Dr. Weingarten and his staff are the best! It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. The practice is professional, friendly and very clean.

KM: I liked that the doctor and staff were personal and professional.

BB: I found the office to be conveniently located and the staff to be friendly. I liked the fact that there is not a long waiting period.

BAB: “Total Care” is the keystone of your success. Each patient’s care and needs are unique and the type of service you provide is uniquely qualified to deliver the highest level of service. It certainly made Dr. Weingarten my ophthalmologist for life!!

DG: Everyone seems to be helpful and caring. I liked the extensive explanations.

DR: Everyone, both at your office and at Beaumont, was very friendly and professional. I also liked the seminar and the free in-office evaluation. Meeting Dr. Weingarten at both of those events gave me the opportunity to have all my questions answered. I have recommended Dr. Weingarten to several people. My conversations about LASIK with family and friends always include comments about Dr. Weingarten’s excellent surgical skills, his patience at answering all of my questions and his professional and friend staff.

PM: The services at Rochester Eye Care are of the highest quality. My entire experience at the Rochester Eye Care was outstanding. The office, surgeon, staff and surgery all performed very professionally.

TT: The doctor and staff were friendly, accurate, detailed and great service.

GS: The staff was very nice. I will always have wonderful comments about the doctor since he gave me good advice on the surgery and it gave me some self-esteem back. The doctor is very thorough about the procedure. Since the staff was so nice and helpful (especially the doctor), I wasn’t afraid like I thought I would be. The world is a brighter place thanks to Dr. Weingarten.

LC: I really appreciated the doctor calling me following the surgery to ensure that everything was okay. Everyone was very professional and helpful.

CG: Everyone is always friendly and personable. They make you feel comfortable. I was initially apprehensive about LASIK but Dr. Weingarten and the staff gave me all the information I needed to know THIS was for me and I am so glad I had the surgery. I was well informed and given loads of information including possible problems. I was not pushed or rushed into the procedure. They took a lot of time to determine whether I was a candidate or not. I received very personal service. I liked having each step of the procedure explained as it was being done so I knew what to expect. There were no surprises!

BU: The procedure was explained well. The staff was friendly and very high class. There was no waiting at the office. I liked that fact that Dr. Weingarten called me the evening of the procedure. It was quick and painless.

GC: The staff at the office and surgical center are great! They made me feel really comfortable with my decision in having the surgery. The doctor and staff are very knowledgeable.

FW: The very professional atmosphere inspired confidence. The staff worked with me to set up a schedule that suited me. Everything was very simple and instructions were clear and easy to follow. I would say that although your office does not offer the best price for the surgery, I chose it because I felt comfortable with the competency of the staff and the quality of the work.

SS: I like the light-spirited staff. They knew my name when I walked in the door and treated me with respect. LASIK is a great procedure and I would do it all over again. The staff is great and the effect is almost instantaneous.

DB: Very nice staff and excellent surgeon. Very caring people. All was really great.

DP: I have already passed on the recommendation to friends and family. What I tell them is it’s a miracle, the best thing I ever did for myself.

PM: Dr. and office staff are always easy to get hold of and willing to answer questions and make the patient feel relaxed.

LT: I was glad I was able to try a contact lens to see what it would be like with monovision. It allowed me to know for sure that LASIK would work for me in just one eye. I also knew exactly what to expect, especially important I think, for monovision patients. I am thrilled to be free from glasses. Everyone was very helpful at the office, too, and really went out of their way to take care of me.

BB: I appreciated how open and honest everyone was. Everyone was completely professional and very informative with a relaxed atmosphere. I was entirely comfortable there and extremely pleased with the results of my surgery. My eyesight was very poor before. This is the first time I have been able to see without glasses or contacts in 47 years!

TF: Thank you for a great job! It is wonderful. It’s great, no more glasses. I can wear sunglasses that look good on my face.

DF: It’s great!! Thank you very much.

TF: I liked that the surgery was late in the day. It makes it easier to not use your eyes until the next day.

MM: Everyone was absolutely wonderful; Patti was always cheerful and very helpful, Dr. W. was very patient, thorough and kind. I have done a lot of research on LASIK and was convinced to do the surgery after meeting Dr. W and Patti. I love my new vision and being able to read by alarm clock in the middle of the night.

NH: This was some of the best money I’ve spent! Everyone was very helpful. The whole staff couldn’t be nicer. Dr. Weingarten and his staff answered all of my questions and made me feel confident and at ease. The whole experience was comfortable. I wish I had done it sooner. I’m looking forward to my pool and outdoor activities this summer.

SD: Dr. Weingarten really made me feel at ease during the surgery. I would definitely recommend Dr. Weingarten and Rochester Eye Care. The service was excellent and a great deal of information was provided to me.

DF: It’s Great! Thank you very much.

CW: LASIK is the best investment. The people were very knowledgeable and helpful.

CR: Everything was great — go for it!

JS: The whole procedure went very well, and I am enjoying life without glasses. I have already recommended LASIK and your practice to others interested in the surgery.

MG: Friendly staff, new equipment; surgery done at Beaumont Hospital — great hospital.

LG: Very professional and comforting staff.

SZ: I liked that I knew exactly what was going to happen before it happened. Dr. Weingarten explained everything.

TC: I was very happy with the service. The office staff is friendly, and makes you feel comfortable about having LASIK without feeling pressured.

JE: Professional treatment, no waiting. Worth the investment to work with professionals.

Additional Information

At Dr. Weingarten’s beautiful offices, patients are offered a range of advanced vision correction and eye care procedures. Over the years, Dr. Weingarten has become renowned as a leading macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma Detroit specialist. He also offers highly effective presbyopia treatments, contact lens fitting and comprehensive eye exams. In addition, Dr. Weingarten has been recognized as a foremost Detroit and Rochester cataract surgery expert.


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