Loss of Vision

General Eye Care in Rochester / Detroit – Dr. Weingarten 

If you experience a sudden loss of vision, you probably need to consult an ophthalmologist immediately. Some vision loss can be pseudo-sudden; meaning you can suddenly notice it usually after covering the unaffected eye. Sudden loss of vision can be caused by various things, for example, retinal vein or artery obstruction occlusion cause a sudden loss of vision. Central retinal artery occlusion needs to be treated within 90 minutes of the onset of symptoms for best results. If you’re experiencing light flashes or floaters and have a history of nearsightedness, you might have a retinal detachment where the retina is no longer attached properly. If pain is present, you could have inflammation inside the eye of the optic nerve. Other causes of vision loss include cataracts, diabetes, acute glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Any noticeable change in your vision could be an indicator of a serious condition. To help take care of your sight, you should see an eye care specialist when you first experience vision problems.

At Rochester Eye Care, patients are offered an extensive array of sophisticated eye care and vision correction procedures. In order to create an individualized treatment plan that leads to the best possible results, Dr. Weingarten begins each procedure with a comprehensive eye exam. This approach allows him to consistently deliver highly rewarding results for all of his Detroit cataracts and LASIK patients.