What Are Patients Saying

What Are Patients Saying

Here are just a couple testimonials of Dr. Weingarten’s past patients which lives got transformed with LASIK or Cataract surgery. If you have been questioning if you are a candidate for LASIK surgery, now is the time to book a free consultation with a Michigan LASIK Board Certified Ophthalmologist. Call (248) 650-2255

April 4
Thank you so very much for giving me one of the greatest gifts—the gift of sight.  I have had glasses my whole life and now I have perfect vision.  You were always so kind and answered any and all questions that I had & I always felt like you took your time with me.  Thank you.  I am a very happy patient!

Kind regards,

June 18
I would like to thank you for providing me with your superior care during my LASIK surgery. As a physician, I am aware of the importance of having a competent physician. I was very impressed with how well you guided me through the entire process. From the initial consultation, when you suggested I go with monocular vision correction, coupled with a very thorough eye exam, I felt very comfortable knowing I made the correct decision. I knew that I not only made the correct decision to have LASIK surgery, but more importantly, I knew that I made the right decision having you as my physician.

I too was amazed how easy the procedure was and how rapidly I recovered.  The next day I was riding in my convertible with the top down!  It is so nice to wake up in the morning and not need glasses or contacts.  It is a pleasure not to need glasses for driving or reading.  I would like to thank you, again, for the great job.


Thank you for giving my vision back.  The multifocal lens is great and allows me to read without having to depend on glasses!
Thank you, again,

January 8
I had two cataract extractions performed by Dr. Mark D. Weingarten.  My left eye was done on November 23rd and my right eye was done on December 21st.  From the moment I walked into Dr. Weingarten’s office on a profoundly blurry day in early October, to the moment I left eye recovery room on December 21st, the care and professionalism was outstanding at every level.  So, a tip of my hat in gratitude to Dr. Weingarten, his office staff, the pre and post op nurses & everyone else at Crittenton who took part in this Miracle On Walton Boulevard.

In gratitude,

January 4
In April 2009 & December 2009 Dr. Weingarten performed right & left eye cataract surgery respectively.  Dr. Weingarten discussed all risks, benefits & alternative with me.

I would like to say of Dr. Weingarten; every aspect of the procedure went flawlessly.  His actions are a reflection of his skills, dedication & professionalism.  I thank his office staff for their help in getting procedures organized.

Finally, I would like to thank the surgical team at Crittenton Hospital for their genuine caring & willingness to dedicate their services for my well being.


August 7
I am very thankful to you for performing my cataract surgery on both eyes with your expert skill and without much trouble to me.  You have a wonderful staff who helped me.  Please convey my thanks to them, too.


February 2
My son and I visited your office on January 29th with my son’s new eyeglass prescription.  I was very impressed with the outstanding service that both Jodi & Bev provided.  We have been longtime customers of LensCrafters and believe me what a difference in service.  Jodi took a great deal of time with my son to be sure that he was put in a pair of glasses that he was not only happy with but also looked great on him.  We then inquired about sport goggles and they researched to see if there are some new styles that would best suit him.
I thought it was important to let you know how your office was perceived from a first impression, as typically customers never pass on good service but never forget to tell about bad service.  You should be very proud to have as I call such a “good front line” of service.  They are the first person you see and the last one that takes care of the customer so they leave a very positive impression and encourage repeat business.

Best regards,